"The best two doctors are your right foot and your left foot"

Reflexology is a method of gentle manipulation and massage to pressure points on the feet, using the thumb and or fingers, which stimulate reflexes that correspond to all parts of the body.

Following illness, stress, injury or disease, the body is in a state of 'imbalance' and vital energy pathways are blocked, preventing the body from functioning effectively. It is possible to detect these imbalances on the feet, and by working on these points, blockages can be released, restoring the free flow of energy to the whole of the body. Reflexology can be used to restore and maintain the bodys natural equilibrium and encourage healing.

Reflexology treats the whole person not just the symptoms of the illness. It can be used to support and enhance orthodox medical treatment. The majority of people who have a reflexology treatment find they are more relaxed, sleep better and are more able to cope with the stresses of modern life. In addition, it will help to stimulate the bodys own healing mechanisms.

The treatment lasts for approximately one hour. After the first treatment or two your body may respond in a very definite way: you may have a feeling of well being and relaxation, or you may feel lethargic, nauseous or tearful, but this is temporary.